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The Photo Stick Mobile Reviews 2018

ThePhotoStick Mobile is the epitome of convenience and organization compressed into a small USB stick that fits in the palm of your hand. With this tool, you won’t have to plug in your phone to a laptop to backup your files. All your photos and videos from your travels, parties, and random moments will be backed up with just one click — no additional hardware required. It’s a good way to keep your photos and videos from physical damage.

ThePhotoStick was even featured in MarketWatch, Chicago Business Journal, ADVFN, San Francisco Business Times, and Wall Street Select. It has been hailed as the best flash drive for iPhone and Android and we wanted to see how it truly fares.

What is Photo Stick Mobile?

ThePhotoStick Mobile is a simple device that stores all of your videos and photos. Think of it as a USB thumb drive for your phone.

Just plug it in, backup and you’re good to go.

PhotoStick Mobile can hold up to 15,000 photos and videos. That’s a lot of space. Even my most photo-crazy friend doesn’t take that many pictures. Imagine how much space you can free up on your phone by transferring your photos and videos over.

Backing up photos and videos isn’t the only thing this device can do – it can also organize your memories.

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Plug in, Back up

At roughly 3.5 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, and 0.25 inches thick, The Photo Stick Mobile looks like a standard FAT32-formatted USB thumb drive—and it is, with the addition of a Lightning connector at the opposite end for use with compatible iOS devices.

Plug it in, launch the free app, and tap Start Backup to copy all of your photos, videos, and/or contacts onto the thumb drive. The process is simple enough for anyone to do, but once content has been safely copied, you’ll still have to manually clear it from your iOS device. Restoring content is equally easy, although it’s all or nothing—you can’t selectively choose which files are added back.

This Photo stick usb is an ideal solution for those who want to auto backup iPhone in every night while they charging. The supporting Photostick app is capable to recognize files that are not backed up yet and start to back up those files immediately after you connect your iPhone to the charger base unit. The restore option on the iPhone backup app lets you restore the entire photos, videos, and contacts into a different phone when you upgrade.

A Small 32 GB USB Drive Backs Up 15,000 Photos & Videos With One Click! And Safe Your Memory Forever.


  • Available in three size format.
  • FREE App download from The iTunes App Store
  • Simple, One-click backup from your cellphone
  • No Cloud, No Wifi, No Data network required
  • Protect and remove up to 15,000 photos
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t waste hours of your time trying to find, organise and backup all your photos and videos.  Let the ThePhotoStick do the work for you with one, simple click.  Just Click “GO”.  No lost hours, No missed photos, No Cloud.  Do it yourself with ThePhotoStick.

“Is it expensive?”

For its convenient functionality, it’s worth spending money on. The lowest-priced PhotoStick with an 32GB capacity costs only $59 with our coupon on its regular price of 99$. Prices vary depending on the memory capacity and the quantity that you want. If you buy a 2-pack or a 3-pack, you’ll get to save more. Just Click the Below Button:-

Bottom Line

The Photo Stick is a pocket-friendly product for backing up all of your iOS/Android devices, and it’s easy enough to for everyone in the family to use.